Our expertise for industrial automation

End of Line testers

End Of Line Testers with Siemens PLC and Kuka Robot used for force / distance measurement. ECU vehicle communication simulation and  monitoring over LIN / CAN Bus.

End Of Line Testers for force / angle measurements while spinning with servomotors

Video inspection check and assembly machines

Machines used for component detection in assembly process using Keyence, Wenglor and Cognex vision systems, sensors and cameras.

Motion Control

Motion Control using Siemens, Festo, drives and motors.

PLC Communication

PLC Communication using Profinet, Ethenet/IP, Profibus, RS232/RS485 Interfaces.

Pneumatic and hydraulic machines

Pneumatic and electrical machines for different operations like: embossing, extruding, foaming, linear and orbital riveting.

What we can do for your automation needs?

Siemens PLC & HMI Programming

We program Siemens S7 200 PLCs using Microwin, S7 300 PLCs using Simatic Manager and Totally Integrated Automation Portal for Siemens 1200/1500 PLCs. We also program HMI using different versions of Simatic WInCC.

Electrical Cabinet and Components

We design and execute electrical cabinet and we assemble all other electrical components (motors, valves, sensors, etc).

Basic mechanical design and assembly

We do not have yet complete background for offering you full support with mechanical design, bur we are doing our best to improve our knowledge in this direction. We can help you with mechanical assembly of all components.

How can help industrial automation?

Automation makes the hard work for us!

For each activity we have to do, we can somehow find a way to automate it. Automation is very useful when it comes about hard work, difficult conditions (high altitudes), extreme temperatures (excessive heating or cold), heavy loads, dangerous environments, explosive or radioactive substances, etc.

Automation makes repetitive tasks!

In general, automation is recommended when it is about repetitive processes, like for example when you have to assemble tho or more components the same way thousands times, you can automate this process and this way you get rid of repetitive manual job.

Automation makes it very precise!

If you use very good mechanical components, you can get a very good precision which would have never been achieved by humans doubled by a very high speed.

Siemens S7 HMI - 300 PLC - 200 PLC MPI Communication
Siemens S7 HMI - 300 PLC - 200 PLC MPI Communication

An example of interconnecting a Siemens HMI Touch with an S7 300 PLC and with his elder brother S7 200. Communication is made over MPI at 19.2 KBaud. 300 PLC simply uses SFC67/68 to send data to another MPI node (S7 200 with adress 2), and S7 200 is a PPI master/slave and it is also an MPI slave (receives queries from 300 master).