Which technologies do we work with?

What is machine vision comprised of?

Industrial compact camera + integrated controller / vision sensors

We use simple industrial compact cameras / vision sensors  from Keyence or Wenglor which are compact solutions of vision sensor and small image processing controllers and are used for simple tasks as component presence / absence detection based upon color component extraction / area specific count detection. We are also working on own-developed solutions.

Industrial vision systems

Industrial vision systems are comprised of a camera sensor and a stand-alone strong image processing controller. We use Keyence and Wenglor when it comes about pattern recognition, pattern detection, shape and surface analysis, elements count, 2D image measurements among detected elements.

In most of the cases, we pay special attention to the external light we also use for enlightening camera area and we use an opaque frame for the inspection area (or even of the complete equipment) to lower the influence of variable external light.

2D/3D Profillers

Downside you can see a presentation about how a profiler works,  the differences between a 2D / 3D controller, profiller laser head is the same, it measures always a width and a height and a 2D Controller shows it and let us use tools to measure resulted line. The 3rd dimension is formed by moving the laser head with constant speed or with synchronized speed (using an encoder) and the 3D controller composes a 3D image by adding successive lines to the picture.  

How a 2D/3D Laser Profiler works
How a 2D/3D Laser Profiler works

Explanation of how a laser profiler works, differences between2D and 3D scanning, possibilities to mount it on a linear axis / on a robot and integrated with Siemens S7 1200 PLC.